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Dijital İkiz Çapa

Creating a Digital Twin and Avatar

With our Digital Twin and Avatar Creation technology, you will be able to model your own digital twin the way you want and even dress your avatar with any outfit and accessory you want with real clothing physics.

Ürün Tarama

Product Scanning and 3D Modeling

We enable you to obtain your products as 3D models with our hyper-realistic product scanning devices that can scan 360 degrees in an average of 10 seconds.


Promotional Film and Area Design

Tanıtım Filmi

With our experienced team of space design specialists, we offer you unique promotional films by providing real-to-one quality space design service.


Metaport V1

MetaPort V2.0 Kiralama

With the support of our expert team, we offer you the service of renting our Metaport V1.0 scanning cabin with hyper-realistic scanning technology so that you can perform body scanning procedures wherever you want.

3D Baskı ve Prototip

3D Printing and Prototype

With our high-quality color 3D printing machines, we provide the opportunity to transform the prototypes of your desired drawings and digital content into 3D tangible physical products. 

Kusursuz Dijital
AR Görüntüleme

AR Imaging and Application

Dijital Defile

With AR (Augmented Reality) Imaging, that is, Augmented Reality technology, we offer you 3D model viewing support that you can apply to your own websites.

Meta Konser
QR Görüntüleme

QR Display

Thanks to the QR system, which allows you to quickly and practically access the scans we perform with our field and product scanning service, we enable you to view the content you want easily.

AI Seslendirme
Dijital Influencer
Snapchat Filtre

Online 3D Shopping Experience

With our 3D online shopping service, we offer our customers a unique experience. With our fully customizable products, you can imagine and design anything you want. With our user-friendly interface on our site, you can complete your orders easily and reliably. You can also view and review your products in 3D in real time, so you can see exactly what you're getting before you buy.

Perfect Digital Outfit Physics

With Real Clothing Physics Simulation, we bring the clothes we scan to life. We are happy to provide scanning and digital services to large companies with our library of more than 1000 clothes physical fabrics that are so realistic that they are indistinguishable from reality 

Digital Fashion Show

We offer you a perfect digital fashion show service so that you can display the products of your own design, whether after production or before production, as a result of our hyper-realistic scans, on the catwalk themes of your choice.

Meta Concert

With our Meta Concert service, which allows you to organize/watch a concert from the comfort of your home, we offer artists a much higher quality venue and avatar modeling service than usual, and offer the opportunity to organize hyper-realistic digital concerts, and the audience to enjoy an unforgettable concert without leaving their homes.

3D Showroom Service in Mobile Application

We offer a mobile application design service that allows you to navigate your digital avatars and browse the showrooms and meta stores of brands as you wish.

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