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Who Are We ?

MetaEntry was founded in 2021 with the mission of transferring the real world to the digital realm in all its details. We began our work on the solutions to the increasing need for digitization and the problems associated with it.

Our team consists of dynamic, passionate, and expert individuals. Thanks to our ever-growing and improving team, we have received positive outcomes and feedback from all our work to date.

During the process of digitization, one of the requirements of the new age, there was a problem for companies due to the existing scanning systems not being able to meet the high demand and not being cost-effective in terms of price/performance.

As MetaEntry, we embarked on providing services in the field of 'digital twins', which are needed in newly established digital worlds, with our photorealistic 3D scanning, modeling, and visualization systems we developed.

On this journey, we expanded our network by reaching out to hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals and gathered satisfied, happy customers who enjoyed our services.

Just imagine it, and we will do it; we are here to create your digital world.

To meet our team ;


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