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Our Projects


In our MetaEntry project, which aims to serve the new habits needed with the technologies it contains; We create a bridge between reality and meta-universes by using many technologies such as body scans that can be performed in 5 seconds, hyper-realistic product scans, and high-quality AR imaging supports.

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With our MetaPodium project, which enables the organization of many virtual activities such as digital fashion shows and metaverse concerts and where we held our first demo concert, we offer you meta events that you can attend and have fun to the fullest without leaving your home.

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With our MetaShopie project, we enable companies that we scan 3D products to create their own virtual stores using 3D models of these products.

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With our MetaTVio project, where we created the first TV program in the metaverse by designing meta-people, we offer you 24-hour broadcast quality. From sports to news, from weather to meta-documentaries, all programs will meet you on MetaTVio without interruption.

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