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We Started Initiatives to Include Türk Tractor in the Metaverse Universe

5 Oct 2022

We visited Türk Traktör, the leader of Turkey's agricultural mechanization sector, in its production factory.

We visited Türk Traktör, one of the leading companies in the agricultural mechanization sector, in its production plants. We projected the 3D models of the equipment and vehicles they produced into digital format using our ultra-realistic scanning technology. In addition, we have started working to introduce Türk Traktör to the metaverse universe by offering them AR/VR training areas and space designs that they can use in their training thanks to our realistic simulation service.

Services Provided;

  • Ultra-Realistic Scan Service

  • Promotional Film and Field Design Service

  • AR/VR Trainer Service

  • Realistic Simulation Service

  • VR/AR Education Area Design Service

  • 3D Imaging Service for Website

  • Digital Photorealistic Machine Demonstration Service

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