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Fineapple x Ala & MetaEntry Collaboration

10 Aug 2022

The launch of new products released in cooperation with Fineapple x Ala has also been realized in the metaverse universe.

We are pleased to share with you our collective work, which was written by one of the popular names of the rap world, Aga B, and transformed into digital by the MetaEntry family, for the first ultra-realistic launch of the Fineapple brand, which opened a new era in women's fashion, with the contributions of successful businesswoman Ala Tokel. The launch took place physically at Qubbe Istanbul venue. Ala Tokel, the popular name of social media, had an unforgettable night with our team.

Services Provided;

  • Digital Twin and Avatar Creation Service

  • Body Scanning Service

  • Product Scanning and 3D Modeling Service

  • Hyper-Realistic Clothing Scan and Clothing Physics Service

  • Promotional Movie & Animation Clip Service

  • QR Service

  • Hologram Images Design Service

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