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Bahadırhan Faruzlu

Meet Bahadırhan Faruzlu, who has been an integral part of our team at MetaEntry for the past 2 years. With 8 years of prior experience Bahadırhan brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his current role. He is also a passionate fine arts enthusiast with over 15 years of interest in the field, and his creative problem-solving abilities have contributed to the innovative and dynamic environment we strive to create. Bahadırhan is interested in the crypto and metaverse industry and keeps up-to-date with industry trends. He is also committed to his physical fitness, having trained in martial and war arts, which has instilled a sense of discipline that he applies in his daily life. With his eagerness to explore new ideas and find solutions that benefit our company and clients, combined with his expertise in Unreal Engine and 3D scanning, Bahadırhan has been a valuable asset to our team.

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