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We Started Incorporating Maxx Royal Quality into Metaverse

29 Jul 2022

We provided "Photorealistic Scan", "Promotional Film, Area Design" and "Metaverse Preparation" services to Maxx Royal, the leader of the tourism and hotel industry.

We carried out a study for the Maxx Royal brand, which is the leader in Turkey's tourism and hotel sector, so that they can display the general appearance of the hotel in 3D on their websites and a scanning service for the hotel rooms where they will host their customers. In addition to our scanning service, we provided a promotional film and space design service that allows customers to view and examine the interior of the hotel in an ultra-realistic manner without the need to visit the hotel before their stay.

Services Provided;

  • Photorealistic Scan

  • 3D Imaging Service on the Website

  • Digital Photorealistic Promotional Clip

  • Product Scanning and 3D Modeling Service

  • Hyper-Realistic Space Design Service

  • Digital Twin and Avatar Creation Service

  • VR Viewing Service

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