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We Participated in the Fintech Istanbul Week Fair

13 Apr 2023

We were at the Fintech Istanbul Week fair held between 13-14 April with our own stand.

As MetaEntry, we attended the Fintech Istanbul Week fair held in Istanbul on April 13-14 and exhibited our state-of-the-art MetaPort V1 body scanning device. We set up our own stand at the fair and demonstrated the capabilities of the device to the participants.

MetaPort V1 is a device capable of 360 degree body scanning with its advanced sensors and 105 cameras. It has the potential to revolutionize a variety of fields, including fashion, fitness and health.

We went to the fair to showcase MetaPort V1 and connect with other fintech companies and industry experts. Visitors were impressed with the precision, quality and ease of use of the device.

At the fair, we established connections with many well-known senior company executives such as Tim Byun and Sandra Ro, and we created their digital twins by taking 360-degree body scans of them.

MetaEntry CEO Nihat Özkurt, in an interview he attended during the fair, said, "We are very happy to have had the opportunity to share MetaPort V1 with the Fintech community, we had a great experience at Fintech Istanbul Week. We left with some great connections and learned a lot about the blockchain industry. Future We look forward to continuing to showcase our innovations at events.”

During the fair, we got valuable information about the latest trends and developments in the blockchain, economy and metaverse sectors. We also explored possible partnerships and collaborations with other participating companies.

In general, our participation in Fintech Istanbul Week as a team was successful and enjoyable. At MetaEntry, we look forward to continuing to showcase our other projects at future events.

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