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Our 3D Model Design Service for Sanat Evimde Company

8 Sept 2022

We designed 3D products, trinkets, QR code and animated AR animations, book nooks, face nooks for Sanat Evimde.

We have designed and delivered high quality 3D models for the Sanat Evimde brand, which allows you to add life to the decoration of your home. You will now be able to access many products such as 3D trinkets, book nooks and face nooks with the contributions of Meta Entry on the Sanat Evimde website, where you can already buy perfect decoration products for your home.

Services Provided;

  • Product Scan Service

  • 3D Modeling Service

  • Digital Conversion Service

  • Animated Animations Design Service with QR Code

  • Trinket Creation Service

  • Book Nook Production Service

  • Face Nook Production Service

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