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11 Nov 2022

We have started our work to include the world-famous automotive interior component manufacturer Grammer company in the meta universe.

With the project we carried out for Grammer company, which is one of the best in the world and showing up in many countries, we started to work to introduce themselves to the meta-universe. We continue to develop and progress day by day, and introduce world-famous companies to the metaverse, with our mobile application design services, where photo-realistic product scans, 3D imaging, AR imaging, different sofa fabric combinations, a short promotional film and a meta showroom where they can visit with digital avatars. we do.

Services Provided;

  • Photo Realistic Seat Scanning Service

  • 3D Model Viewing Service on the Website

  • AR Imaging Service

  • Different Fabric Combinations Preview Service

  • Short Promotional Film Service

  • 3D Showroom Service in Mobile Application

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