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20 Apr 2023

MetaEntry, which contains 2 years of research and development, is offered to the public with crowdfunding

As the world embraces digitization and the metaverse, MetaEntry has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry with our innovative Metaport browser. Our technology has created the world of 3D scanning and has opened up a wealth of opportunities across a wide range of industries.

We invite you to join this journey with us, as we continue to build bridges between the real and digital world.

MetaEntry's technology for creating high-quality digital twins and models has the potential to incorporate industries and industries into meta-universes and pave the way for a more interconnected future of reality and the digital world.

Take a look at our crowdfunding video and discover why this is the perfect time to invest in MetaEntry. We welcome your thoughts, feedback and, of course, your support as we continue to break new ground in innovation.

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