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12 Nov 2022

The shooting of the series "Merie Awakens", prepared by MetaTvio studio, in which our digital character plays the leading role, continues at full speed.

It will be the first TV series of our country to be shot in the metaverse area, consisting of 4 seasons, 33 episodes in total. It is our greatest motivation to feel your support in the journey we started with the support of leading producers in the sector in order to make a successful work in the world market.

The platform on which the series will be broadcast and the release date will be announced in the coming days. You will not be able to distinguish between reality and virtual world in this breathtaking journey that will take us to the world of the future, which will tell us about the innovations in artificial intelligence and technology...

As the world prepares for the Metaverse, we are already ready.

So you ?

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