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Grand Sapphire: Redefining Hospitality with MetaEntry's Ultra-Realistic Models

22 Dec 2023

Unveiling a New Era of Pre-Opening Luxury

Grand Sapphire, the future of luxury accommodations, is taking a bold step towards revolutionizing the hotel industry even before opening its doors. Collaborating with MetaEntry, Grand Sapphire is set to redefine the guest experience in extraordinary ways. Here's a glimpse of our groundbreaking partnership:

A Vision of Realism: Grand Sapphire has entrusted MetaEntry with the task of bringing their hotel rooms to life, even before they welcome their first guest. Our team has painstakingly created highly detailed and ultra-realistic 3D models of each room. Every element, from furnishings to decor, has been meticulously crafted to reach the pinnacle of realism.

Photo and Video Renders: Grand Sapphire is now able to present their rooms for sale with the help of our photo and video renders. These lifelike representations allow potential guests to envision themselves in the elegant and inviting spaces, as if the hotel were already in service.

Beyond the Rooms: But our collaboration doesn't stop there. Grand Sapphire and MetaEntry are joining forces to model and promote the common areas that will make this hotel a destination of choice. From the majestic lobby to the thrilling casino, rejuvenating spa, enticing bar, and exquisite restaurants, every space will be brought to life with the same attention to detail and realism.

As Grand Sapphire's journey continues, we invite you to stay closely connected with us. Witness the transformation of this exceptional hotel into a world-class destination that promises an unmatched guest experience.

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