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8 Jul 2022

We provided "Photorealistic Scanning" and "Metaverse Preparation" services to FLO, one of the leading companies in the retail industry in Turkey.

We carried out a study for the FLO brand, which is the leader of Turkey's footwear industry, for the products to be put up for sale in the new season, by scanning service and displaying their products in 3D on the website. In addition to the standard scanning service, we have started work in the metaverse field by applying our additional services, which you can easily access with QR codes that can display the product on mobile phones and tablets, and try on your feet as a Snapchat filter, with the AR imaging service.

In order to support R&D studies, we 3D modeled the products that they have not started to produce yet, and presented realistic models and color samples before the products were produced.

Services provided;

  • PhotoRealistic Product Scan

  • 3D Product Display Service on the Website

  • 3D modeling of Combinations of Scanned Products in Different Colors

  • Viewing the Products We Scan with AR and VR Technologies

  • Trial and View on Your Foot with Try-On Technology as a Snapchat Filter

  • 3D Product Display Service as an Instagram Filter

  • Digital PhotoRealistic Product Promotion Videos

  • Trial and Demo Clip on Digital Twin

  • Sample Clip for Different Combinations

  • Digital Space Design Service

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